Olivia de Havilland, one of the last stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, has died at the age of 104.

De Havilland’s profession crossed over 50 years and right around 50 component movies, and she was the last enduring star from Gone with the Wind (1939).

The film earned her one of her five Oscar assignments.

De Havilland, who had lived in Paris since 1960, was focal in bringing down Hollywood’s studio framework, giving on-screen characters better agreements.

She additionally had a blustery relationship with her sister, individual Oscar-winning on-screen character Joan Fontaine.

At the hour of her demise, De Havilland was the most established living entertainer to have won an Oscar. She passed on of regular causes at her home in the French capital, her marketing specialist said.

Olivia De Haviland has passed away at the age of 104.
Olivia De Haviland has passed away at the age of 104.


  • Obituary: Olivia de Havilland

Olivia Mary de Havilland was conceived in Tokyo in 1916 and before long moved to California with her family.

She made her achievement in Captain Blood, inverse Errol Flynn, and the pair built up a prompt science


De Havilland was then cast in the job of Melanie in David O Selznick’s epic adjustment of the Margaret Mitchell tale, Gone with the Wind.

She lost the best supporting entertainer Oscar to Hattie McDaniel, who played Mammy in the film.

Yet, she won a Best Actress Oscar in 1946 for her job in To Each His Own, and afterward a second for The Heiress in 1949.

De Havilland likewise broadly turned down the job of Blanche DuBois in the 1951 adjustment of A Streetcar Named Desire. Vivien Leigh won an Oscar for the job.

De Havilland kept on acting until the late 1980s, winning a Golden Globe in 1986 for Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna.


  • ‘De Havilland Law’

Off screen, she took on the studios when they had unlimited authority over their stars.

Supported by the Screen Actors Guild, she prosecuted Warner Brothers in 1943 when it added time to her unique agreement as a punishment for turning down jobs.

The California Supreme Court governed in support of herself in what got known as the De Havilland Law, which extricated the grasp studios had on their entertainers.

Much has been made of her quarrel with her sister. The pair apparently had a troublesome relationship from youth. It was exacerbated by them both being named for Best Actress in 1942, with Fontaine winning out.


De Havilland was additionally purportedly maddened by Fontaine’s remarks about her new spouse, Marcus Goodrich, whom de Havilland wedded in 1946. What’s more, there was additionally contradiction over clinical treatment for their mom in 1975. Fontaine kicked the bucket in 2013.

De Havilland was made a Dame in the 2017 Birthday Honors list, inside long stretches of her 101st birthday.

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  1. She’s gone. Olivia de Havilland has gone. Showing, to the very end, the grit with which she took on the Hollywood studio system and won. I had one of the most perfect days of my life in her company. Sitting on that chaise, eating macaroons and gossiping about Errol Flynn. Olivia De Haviland has passed away at the age of 104

2.  One of the true first ladies of film. I think the world held on to her as long as we could          heaven has been beckoning this angel for some time. Tonight, I will look to the stars          and see a newer, brighter constellation and know that Ms.

3.  I didn’t know people couldn’t think death was sad and could bring you down, especially in times like these. And I also think if this was Betty White, or perhaps someone more well-known and widely admired, a response like this wouldn’t be met with much agreement. Just my opinion.

Olivia De Haviland has passed away at the age of 104.


We really heartbroken. She’s always been one of my favorite stars. May she rest in peace.

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Olivia De Haviland has passed away at the age of 104